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"First, think.  Second, dream. Third, believe.  And finally, dare."

- Walt Disney - 

"After looking through Pinterest and seeing the amazing possibilities for my master bedroom, I wanted a very specific be floating in the clouds encouraging a restful environment. Most of what I found online were merely wallpapered clouds but I wanted something a little more unique with an eclectic flair. After several inquiries, I decided to hire Sabrina and she was exactly what I hoped for. We discussed the concept and direction I was aiming for and she came up with a plan for the wall. After just a few days of work, I was speechless at the site of the was more than I had hoped for.  The clouds feel so real and I love the way everything came together. From the ombre background to the fluffy clouds, I feel as though I'm resting in the sky every night."

- Simone James


"I wanted to make the transition into our new home easier for our child by surprising him with an amazing mural in his bedroom. Sabrina did not disappoint. Her work was strategic, effortless, and imaginative.

The whole process took her a few days to complete and my little man was in awe.

It really helped him feel like the move was an upgrade!"

- Cherise Sims


"During the nesting phase of my pregnancy, I enlisted Sabrina's artistic skills to help create a world of wonder for my baby's nursery. We talked through the idea until I was comfortable and the end result was more than amazing! I would hire her again in a minute and wish I was moving so she could paint more of my walls with her creative abilities! Working with Sabrina was a dream as she was very professional, arrived on time, finished the work within the projected timeline (even finished sooner than expected), and delivered as promised!"

- Elaine Yan


"It all started with me being an erratic Mom-to-be...8 months into my first pregnancy, we had just bought our home and I wanted everything to be "perfect"  post delivery. Even though my belly was the size of a heavy watermelon, I decided I was going to climb up the ladder anyways and  get it done because I LOVE to paint and wanted my baby to feel a rush of warmth over her every time she looked up from her crib. I couldn't seem to find any online resources  and figured I could just do it myself. I decided to have 3D branches coming out from the painting, making it more lifelike and realistic. I wanted to create a space of wonder and imagination and achieved just that!

Two years later, I was expecting my 2nd child and decided he would get a train full of animals on his side of the bedroom. With just as much conviction, I finished his mural in the 8th month of pregnancy as well! Fast forward to today...during our remodeling process, the kids were devastated thinking that the murals were going to be destroyed (which we ended up saving). I'm really thankful they still love the mural as much as they did when they were babes...they are now 8 and 10 years old! I would love the opportunity to transform your space into something unique, beautiful, and inspired...if you're interested in hiring me for a project, please contact me here ."

- Sabrina Toy

(murals were painted in 2010 @ left  and 2012 @ right)

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