Sabrina has been an avid lover of the arts since she was a child. As a teen (with encouragement and love from her supportive parents), she started drawing fashion figures on her wall in her bedroom, made costumes for her high-school dance company (without patterns), designed and created prom gowns for

her friends, sold handmade Swarovski jewelry, held hair

and makeup jobs, and painted any chance she got.

Her passion and drive to bring art to future generations has continued to grow. Sabrina enjoys volunteering at a local San Francisco school, bringing artistic support wherever needed. Creating numerous pieces of art with the kids has inspired

them to look beyond the unimaginable.

To honor her grandparents, six years ago, Sabrina founded (and still sponsors) the Jim & Mae Yea Toy Scholarship For The Arts

for children in school.  She welcomes any and all support.  If you'd like to support Sabrina's art and inspirational initiatives,

become a PATRON

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"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! TOGETHER, we can enact change, inspire, and empower young minds of the future."

- Sabrina Toy

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."

- Pablo Picasso -